What we do at Hick Bros

Our experience is wide ranging, however we specialize in providing value-added engineering solutions for all facets of major infrastructure projects and land development works. Our employees and our machinery fleet, coupled with strong partnerships throughout the construction industry, allow us to successfully complete all types of projects.

Bulk Earthworks

We moved 3.25 million m3 in the 2015/2016 earthwork season. We have specialised equipment and experience in all types of earthworks from small house developments up to projects with over 3 million m3. We are experts in working with the sensitive materials found throughout New Zealand and especially in Auckland.


Due to the complex nature of the geology on most of our sites, we are regularly required to construct various geotechnical improvements to satisfy design requirements. We have experience installing a wide variety of geotechnical improvements including shear keys, palisade walls, fill stabilization, undercuts, gulley drainage, drainage blankets as well as the use geotextiles.

Retaining Structures

To increase the space utilization throughout our projects, retaining structures in various forms have been constructed. We have had great success installing reinforced earth structures as an economic and quick construction methodology. Pole, gabion, block and concrete walls have also been widely installed on our sites.