Crows Rd Stages 3&4 Earthworks

1-9 Crows Road, Swanson, Auckland 0614

In these stages of the Crows Road Project, Hick Bros will begin on a culvert crossing across the stream that runs between the finished stages 1 & 2 and the current stages 3 & 4. This crossing with bridge the two stages via Crows Road and will act as the main entrance to the finished subdivision. Due to excessive moisture content of the in-situ clay we are having to condition all the material being moved, which means all materials are be handled twice to be placed as engineered fill and therefor actual material moved to date is double the cut/fill volumes.


Crows Road, Bulk Earthworks
February 01, 2017 – April 30, 2018

Scope of Works

Crows Rd Stages 3&4 Earthworks